Getting motivated: selecting goals to reach

Motivation is hard to get and even harder to keep. Many distractions are present today and the brain is constantly solicited, new Facebook notifications, new photos on Instagram, mobile games, TV, … and the “less new distractions” such as calls from family, friends, work, … are also time-consuming. Not to mention administrative or even financial emergencies that prevent you from living quietly. Setting goals helps you keep your spirits up and gradually fix your problems. But it’s not easy to keep up the morale with so many distractions that make life look more restful. While it is important to rest and allow time for entertainment, the call to “do nothing” can take more and more space. This is the reason why you must constantly remember that your mind must be strong. Martin Luther King would never have fulfilled his dream if he had remained in front of his TV, Marie (Sklodowska) Curie would not have advanced the research on radioactivity if she had said: “I’ll do it tomorrow”. That is why you need to set goals and stick to them by remembering before you start that to change things you have to act.

The “Maslow Pyramid” of Objectives

You can see your goals as a pyramid, where each level is a more or less important goal for you. Having goals will prevent you from finding yourself aimless and demotivated. Setting goals are one of the solutions to keep morale up, it’s not the only solution but it’s the one I’m going to deal with in this article.

Different themes and different objectives

It is important to list the main themes that centre your life, family, friends, hobbies, work, financial need, … targeting your themes will allow you on the one hand to take stock of what really matters to you. It is real introspective work, an analysis of yourself, that’s why you have to take your time.

Once these basics are well defined you will already have an idea on where you want to lead your energy. For each theme, you will have to establish a list of objectives. If your passion is to travel, make a list of the places you want to see with a predefined calendar to have a date and a duration, once this made, this theme will join the theme finance and you will see how much you will need to save or earn each month to achieve this goal. If you want to earn more you will need a promotion, so this will join the career plan theme and so on. This example may seem a little caricatural, but the logic will often be the same or almost. It only remains to define what matters to you the most and build your plan accordingly.

The interest of setting achievable goals

Setting achievable goals will make you motivated more quickly. For example, you can spend 30 min more with your family because you have organized it in your calendar. Keep in mind that the solution is to stay consistent, even if it is not much you will gain the habit and it will become natural thereafter.

What about the more difficult goals to achieve

These goals can make your life better but are not essential, like getting into the hobby that holds you and who is really time-consuming. You could join a group (in real or on the internet), trying to be consistent and not giving up after 2/3 weeks. The hard part is keeping a pace, remember that you do not lose as long as you do not give up. “Failures” are not an end, it’s up to you to decide.

Should we set goals that are too difficult or almost impossible to achieve?

Targetting very hard goals can be a good idea, but it’s also double-edged. On the one hand, you will be sure not to wake up one day with the feeling of having done everything and nothing more to accomplish, but it can also demoralize you in the long run if you give too much importance to it. You will have to see these goals as “bonuses”, but you should not dwell too much on it at the risk of causing your personal life to suffer in other ways.

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