Short term/Long term, the meaning of choices

Choices will determine your life. But the impact of your choices does not cover the decisions made now and the immediate consequences. There is a short term and long term consequences for every choice you made. This is also true for the people around you that can impact your life.

Short-term: ” Occurring over or relating to a short period of time. ” Oxford dictionaries

Long-term: ” Occurring over or relating to a long period of time. ” Oxford dictionaries

Choice: ” An act of choosing between two or more possibilities. ” Oxford dictionaries

Sort term and long-term choices are always connected. You are here today because of the choices you made yesterday. Even if there are externals factors that can influence your position, your acts matter the most.

The choices you make will make your life

That is how Jack Ma became billionaire with almost 40 billion dollars in his possessions. He struggled to get a work, and did his own. He understood that nothing was particularly easy in life, especially if you do not fit a box. To get a certain position or job, you need to do that kind of studies (with bonus points for recruiters if you made a certain school), you need x years of experience, … and the list continues. Companies, and sometimes people are looking for perfection and wait months or years to, sometimes, giving up. It is the same thing with people who want to create their own job, looking for the easiest way, but there is not. The current position of Jack Ma is the results of his choices. A day to day work who lead to a long-term success.

Always adapt yourself to the possibilities

Long term investments need to be taken seriously, because even the number one can fail. That was the case of Kodak. Kodak was the number one for all the camera industry, but fail the transition to numeric camera, despite the fact that they had the technology. They were too sure of two things, the first one was about the business and the consumers would not change their habits that fast, the second one was the thought they were too big to fail. But time will show their mistake. You cannot predict what the future will be made of, so you have to consider every possibility, even if you think they are absurd.

Be Great by Choice

You do not need to be particularly bold, nor foresee the risk coming more than anyone else. If some people succeed, it is not because they are extraordinary beings, above all people. Everyone can make good decision, and have good outcome, but I will not lie, this is not easy and require a strong will.

Good leaders do not predict the future, and no one really can, it is more speculation if someone say so. Good leaders observe what worked before, and take a close look at the proofs, they do not let any doubt in their mind and check everything. The challenge they face now, has probably been faced by others before. We live nowadays in a world full of informations, statistics and realtively easy access data. Companies can ask consultants agencies or their own team of data analysts to get an assessement of a specific subject and people, at the individual level, can go on the internet to obtain informations from people who lived the same troubles they face now.

Is it the good place to buy
a house? Do people need a bakery in this area and how much it will cost? What
are the advantages to be a freelance, an entrepreneur, a franchise? Is it okay
to eat chewing gum (no, it is not, no need to check google for this one). All
the information you need are already here, but internet can look like a big
attic with incredible tools and useless stuffs, that is why people sometimes
are too lazy to take actions and prefer to browser Facebook instead. But
Facebook is less likely to give you the feeling of accomplishment you are
looking for. If I take the example of Facebook, it is a place mostly for consumers,
sellers and creators are too busy accomplishing their dreams instead of
spending their time on social networks .

The probability you face something that anyone experimented before and shared on the internet is less and less likely every day. And most of the possible outcome has already been thought. However, in order to get that information, you need to search, sometimes a lot, to get the specific answer to your question, information is the key to good choice. But, in order to take good decision from your information, you need discipline, empirical evidence and being a bit “paranoid” (in a good way) .

Being discipline

Discipline is a key factor to good decision and success. The small decision you take every day will lean to big consequences after tomorrow. That is why you need to be consistent in act. You need to define precisely what your goals are, for long term and then each step you need to take in order to reach your goal. For example, you want to be healthier, in order to reach your long-term goal, you know you need to eat better and do sport every day. This cannot be reach in two weeks, but if you are well discipline, you can reach your goal in six months and not one year if you are too lax.

To continue with our example, you need to be consistent in value, so you should not betrayal your diet and be discipline enough to reach your long-term goal. Your performance standard and you standard of life are 100% the results of your decisions. The discipline is not regimentation or measurement, and it is not either a hierarchical obedience nor bureaucratic rule, you are the one in charge of every action.

Empirical proofs

When you will face uncertainty, do not look for peers or any authority figures to tell you what you should do or not to take your final decision. Always take in consideration the evidence, empirical proofs cannot be bias by any extend. Experts can always be wrong, humans are not perfect, no matter how convincing they are. You should take your decision according to what you found and what is the most adaptable to your situation.

If a real estate agent tells you to invest in a certain area, it is firstly because he has to sell what he has to get his commission. You are the only one who really want your good, not the others. Even if some specialist tells you that you do a good deal, you need to check everything by yourself before to take the final decision.

Good paranoia

By paranoia it is more skepticism than actual paranoia. You should always stay focus on every outcome possible, especially the bad ones when you are in a good condition. Because if you lose your focus, or neglect some possibilities you will not have any plan to counter bad things efficiently.

A good example of a good paranoia is in the movie The Social Network, where you can see “Marc Zuckerberg” being afraid to fail his plan or being steal by someone else, and Marc thinks of every possible outcome to succeed.


Finally, of course this cannot work without a strong ambition. No matter if you want to pass your exams, grow your company or success in your marriage, if you do not see big and bigger than what you can do, you will never archive unrealistic results. You always need to have an ideal in mind, something that you think unreachable, a goal to do more than what you could do. Because even if you “fail” this unreachable point, you will still do amazing things.

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