Delights of Capua

The delights of Capua happened during the second Punic war in the third century BC. This war happened between Carthage and Roma. One of the main leaders of Carthage was Hannibal Barca. Hannibal successfully triumph in the battle of Cannes in Italia in 216 BC, an extremely harmful loss for the Roman Empire. Hannibal had just to defeat Roma to end the war but did not.

The delights of Capua

The delights of Capua are often considered as one of the main mistakes and reason of the Hannibal’s defeat. After the battle of Cannes, Hannibal decided to stay in Capua because of the winter and the tiredness of his troops. However, Capua is known for its easy life and this led to “less combative” soldiers and ultimately the defeat against the Roman Empire.

How can you understand the delights of Capua?

The delights of Capua can be interpreted like this, successful people should not let a fleeting pleasure distract from their main quest. This can often be seen for famous people who become more and more disconnected to the reality and fall into excess.

How can it be interpreted for people today?

For most people, it can be laziness, the lack of moral, social networks, or finding excuses. You can quite easily be manipulated by those thought, and not archive what you should really do to change your life.

The whole story of Capua, behind the myth

Capua was in reality a forced retreat. The forces of Hannibal were not sufficient to march over Roma. Even if it was true that the city of Capua was corrupted, it was not enough to change a strong army into a weak one.

To understand what was really behind Capua and the defeat of Hannibal, you have to keep in mind a couple of details:

  • The African army was not prepared to fight during winter in Europe
  • His army was tired of the previous fights, and diminished in number
  • There was conflict inside Roma, and the Roman Empire could have fall by itself
  • The leaders of his country did not want to send too many troops too quickly to let Hannibal get all the honors
  • Roma was a well-defended city even if it was weaker after the battle of Cannes

What can you learn for Hannibal?

Hannibal was not in a good position, he counted on luck and the trust of his country to win the war. If you ever feel that there is a lot of pressure around you and want to step back to breath, remember that other people will size their chance to win. You have to secure yourself with strong allies and not forget them. But you also have to take decisions sometimes and not counting on luck. Take the time you need to consider the situation and take a good decision, but do not put yourself into a too comfortable position, otherwise you will forget why you started to fight.

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