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Creation and Innovation, differences and complementarity

A creation should not be mistaken with an innovation and an innovation is just a part for a former creation. You need to differentiate the two of them to precisely reach your goal.

Creation: “The action or process of bringing something into existence.” Oxford dictionaries

Innovation: “The action or process of innovating.” Oxford dictionaries

Starting from those two definitions, we can illustrate that by saying that the wheel was a creation, because there is no perfect wheel in nature by itself. There are however things that look like a wheel, but our ancestors could not walk into a forest and find some wheels already ready for use, there is a process of creation behind it. For example, you have to slice a tree, once done you have it. It is a trivial example, but it was mean to be. A creation is a process initiated to make something that did not exist before.

An innovation is quite different. You start from something that already exists, and change it for a different purpose. If we take again the example of the wheel, you can reshape it, put four of them on a plank of wood a wooden cart, but you just innovate to purpose of the wheel.

Creation and Innovation are linked by a process, one appears because of the other. Creation generate Innovations and different Innovations can lead to a Creation. But here is the thing, they a not equal. A Creation is a risk, a step into the unknown, an Innovation is a Creation improved. That is mostly the reason why most of the companies and commercial talk so much about Innovation, but rarely about Creation. Despite the fact that the profit could be greater, the risk is still here.

The one big fail

One of the most famous fail of the last couple of years can be attributed to Google. The famous brand wanted to create something totally new, only seen in Science Fiction or cartoons, it is the Google Glass. So sure, of the potential of this creation they did not thought the consumers could not be ready for that. A product should be created if there is a certain need, and this is the main problem for companies nowadays. Investors, loans, stock exchange, and even non countable resources as companies’ image are in the balance when a decision has to be taken. That is the reason why we can easily see the lack of creation and even of innovation in some companies like Apple recently.

Be creative an innovant at your size

Why all of that matters for you ?

If the proverb says “You are what you eat”, you are also what the society is. You can easily be less creative and innovant in a world that does not take any risk because of fear. So, should you deny all risk to try something new? Yes and no. This answer is a bit lame, but let me explain. Yes, you have to take some risks, like I said, without risk you cannot be creative nor even innovant. But you should control that risk, having a backup, act as a “lean startup”. If it works dig deeper, if it does not, note what you learn, find something close to exploit what you just learnt.

Work and talk with others

The thing is that each people can bring new ideas, because everybody has different back ground. So, if you have something in mind you should talk about that idea around you, collect different opinions to make something better. You may do mistakes, and mistakes are not bad if you learn from them. But no one can live long enough to do all the mistakes to create or innovate something perfect, you have to learn from others, accept that you could be wrong but also defend your ideas to see where you get wrong, or prove that you are right and help the other to understand his mistake.

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